Love from the local paper

Sipping freshly roasted & brewed coffee
(Photo by John Speer/Toledo Chronicle)
A few weeks ago our local paper editor, John Speer, dropped by the house to do a story in this new hobby of mine. It was a fun visit, and John wrote up a nice little article which just got posted online this week...

Coffee bean roasting: Hobby to new enterprise?

John thought it was pretty funny that I got "kicked out" of the house, because of the smoke that the roasting process produces, so he threw that in the article. My wife went to the grocery store a few days after it appeared in the paper and immediately got some "yuk yuk" remarks from folks we know in town. :)

So my thanks to John for writing a nice article and helping spread the word that there's good coffee in town to be enjoyed!
Posted on March 12, 2014 .