Des Moines Register highlights home-roasting in Toledo

Ethiopian coffee, before & after roasting
(Photo by Bryon Houlgrave/Register Photos)
Back in February, a friend from high school who is a freelance writer for the Des Moines Register saw some of my Facebook postings about this coffee roasting hobby I'd recently started. She reached out to me and asked if she could write up a story for the paper on it, and I happily said "Of course!" This morning, it was published in the "Iowa Life Section" of the paper and also online:

How to roast your own coffee beans
by Heather Torpy

The focus of this article is a bit different from the one in the Toledo Chronicle, emphasizing more how relatively affordable and easy it is to get into home coffee roasting.

It really is as simple as going to Shopko for a hot air popcorn popper, buying some green/un-roasted beans from Phil's Just Java (my former pastor) or Sweet Maria's. While I'm happy to be Tama-Toledo's only coffee roaster (that I know of anyway), I'm by no means trying to create a monopoly here! If any local folks want to try this themselves, I'm happy to show you what I've learned and there's always the active online community of home roasters, where I've learned many of my skills so far...
Posted on April 1, 2014 .