It's been pitched, now let's build it!

Last month I made a pitch in Tama County Economic Development's "Pitch & Build" competition and won. The other pitches were very good and showcased existing and possible new businesses in Tama County, so it was great to be a part of the competition, and I'm of course honored and thrilled to have won.

Here's coverage from the local paper:
Tama County Pitch & Build has retail, food coffee competitors

With the other competitors & Economic Development director, Heath Kellogg
(Photo by John Speer; Tama-Toledo News)

But the work is just begun. I'm now in conversations with Heath to start developing a plan for modest expansion for what has so far been a fun hobby. I currently have two jobs, so any expansion needs to be modest, but I want to start treating this thing more formally so if and when the day comes that it can expand into an actual job for me, I'm ready.

Thanks to Heath and the other competitors (two of whom I've already talked to about being potential buyers of Ross St. coffee!), and I'm really liking the direction this journey seems to be headed...
Posted on October 1, 2014 .