Big news!

That photo to the right is a commercial coffee roaster. More specifically, our commercial coffee roaster! It's an Artisan 6M manufactured by Coffee Crafters in the state of Washington. It's sitting in a shipping facility at the moment but next week will be making it's way to little ol' Toledo, Iowa. Once it's up and running our roasting capacity will increase six-fold. So, yes, we're movin' on up! Here's what's been happening...

Back in February I was approached by a potential investor and we started negotiations and business planning that resulted in the formation of Ross Street Roasting Company, LLC. Their investment capital has allowed us to begin the process of formalizing and scaling up the business.

However, there's a good bit of work yet to be done before we're completely up and running with this new roaster. There's construction to be done in a room in our basement which will be the roastery, installation of the roaster, then inspection and licensing by the State of Iowa. My hope is that everything will be good to go by the end of June. Definitely by the end of summer, the new chapter will be underway and I'll be working this basically as a one day a week "job" in addition to my primary work in online education. Of course we hope it expands from there, but "baby steps" is the key...

Thank you!

This has all happened because of the support I've received from you all as customers, friends, family, and neighbors - you've all encouraged me along the way and of course enjoyed the fresh-roasted specialty coffee I've produced so far! You have my gratitude, and I hope you keep alongside me as this adventure continues. (And by the way: The coffee is going to get even better!)

I'll leave you with a photo of the roasting equipment I've been using for the past year. It will be a bittersweet experience to retire the ol' bread machine & heat gun. I won't, however, miss smelling like and inhaling roasted coffee smoke. :)

Posted on April 30, 2015 .