Coffee review: Rwanda Lake Kivu Kigeyo (Passion House)

I'm not a huge podcast listener, but listening to a few episodes of the I Brew My Own Coffee podcast last month really took my coffee game to the next level, both in terms of brewing coffee at home (which I take great pleasure in) and also introducing me to some new craft roasters that I otherwise might not have encountered.

As a new roaster, part of my job as a craftsperson is to learn from great roasters. So one business expense I have no problem incurring from time to time is buying great coffee from high-end roasters, brewing it in various ways, and enjoying the wonderful cups of coffee that result.

One such roaster is Passion House Coffee Roasters in Chicago. Passion House has a clever way of categorizing their coffee, which they call "genres" (their slogan is "Discover your genre"). The genres are: Ambient, Mainstream, and Experimental. I believe it was through someone's Instagram post that I caught sight of their Rwanda Lake Kivu Kigeyo, in the "experimental" genre.  It sounded wonderful, so I ordered a bag and enjoyed it for a good two weeks.

This review will be a bit different from past reviews, as I tweet-reviewed the first five brewings of this excellent coffee. I'll say up front that I loved the tart and fruity notes in this light roast. Regardless of how it was brewed (see below), the sensations on the side of the tongue were always the most pronounced, signaling the distinct acidity of this coffee. Great stuff, and I already miss it!

On to the tweets...

Posted on April 21, 2015 .