The Goodness of being Direct

Last month I talked about the Fair Trade system, and how it helps ensure better living conditions for coffee growers and helps protect them from a volatile global commodity market. This month, I want to talk about Direct Trade.

Last month, we started our relationship with Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Nicaragua. Rather than working through importers to secure coffees from around the world, this is a direct relationship between me, the roaster in Iowa, and them, the coffee growers in Nicaragua.

Gold Mountain has its own farm, Finca Idealista ("Idealist Farm"), but also works with a network of small coffee farmers in the same area. The coffees are processed, packaged, and sold from each individual farm. Our first offering is from Finca Idealista (see below), but we have more coffee from another one of their partner farms that we'll be releasing soon.

The president of Gold Mountain has been a joy to work with, and he's invited me to come to Nicaragua anytime, to visit the farms and even the individual farmers who grew and picked these coffees, and whose lives we're impacting by being the roaster of their crop.

(Photo credit: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers)

Posted on November 5, 2015 .