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Cofee Gear

Third Wave Water: 12 One Gallon Sticks (Classic Profile)

Take your home coffee making game to the next level by conditioning your water specifically for coffee brewing! Start with 1 gallon of Distilled or Reverse Osmosis-filtered water, then add a stick of Third Wave Water and stir briefly. Finally, brew awesome coffee!    Benefits of Third Wave Water Elevates flavors, perceived sweetness, and cup clarity for coffee All natural, no chemicals!  Gentler on electric...

AeroPress Single-Serve Manual Brewer

The Easiest Path to Becoming a Coffee Snob! Created by legendary inventor Alan Adler - of Aerobie flyng disc fame - the AeroPress is a great way to ease into becoming a certified coffee snob without breaking the bank! It's a great little device if you're brewing coffee 1-2 cups of coffee at a time and it's fast. Here's how it works: 1. Pressurized...

Handground Grinder - Black

The Roaster Brian-approved Hand Grinder! The Handground coffee grinder started as a Kickstarter project in 2016. Roaster Brian was an early backer of the project and received his from the first production run in early 2017. It has since been improved even more since the first batches, and this grinder has a huge advantage over other sub-$100 hand grinders on a number of fronts:...

Baratza Encore - Electric Canonical Burr Grinder

Long considered the best entry-level electric burr grinder on the market! Perfect for coffee lovers who have just taken the plunge into multiple brewing devices for the home. If you're brewing on an electric drip brewer and also starting to explore manual brew methods such as the AeroPress, having a burr grinder that can vary grind particle size (fine/coarse) is essential.  And...
Take your home coffee brewing game to the next level, and make that Ross Street Roasting coffee taste even better with some new gear!