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Coffee Subscriptions

DECAF Mexico Select - Single Origin Coffee

Flavor & Origin Info Flavor notes: Graham cracker sweetness, cocoa, & a touch of fruit notes  Country: Mexico Region: Tapachula, Chiapas Farm: Various smallholder farms Tree varieties: Tipica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mondo Novo, Catuaí Decaffeination method: Mountain water process/MWP Sourcing: Café Imports, Minneapolis MN Decaf does not have to mean 'bad-tasting coffee!' Our importing partner, Café Imports, selects high-grade lots before the decaffeination process...

What customers say about our Coffee Subscriptions

I'm set up for 2x a month on the Curated Coffee Playlist Subscription is an easy way to try new roasts and introduce friends to high-quality whole bean coffee. On a customer service note, RSR checks before every delivery if I want to continue (I always do). This is a nice change from so many of those other subscription services who once you sign up make it nearly impossible for you to unsubscribe.
--Mike W. - Ankeny, IA

As my family and I started exploring more varieties of coffee we found that the flavor profiles we enjoy are primarily found in African coffees. The more important thing for us was finding a roaster that understands how to bring out those flavors and perfection of the science and art of roasting. Roaster Brian hits it out of the park! So if you want an incredible variety of delicious coffee from a talented roaster, check out the African Coffees Subscription!
--Aaron L. - Cheyenne, WY

I love the Curated Coffee Playlist Subscription - It's a nice and convenient way to try something new that I might not have chosen on my own. The shipping has always been top-notch...always sent on time as promised, and always well packaged. 
--Joe C. - Houston, TX

"Coffee Adventurer" or "Give Me What I Like" - We've got you covered!

Whether you want to continually try new coffees or know what you like and want to receive it with regularity, our coffee subscriptions put you in the driver's seat. And if you sign up for an account, you will be able to service your own subscription: Change the coffee you get, change the delivery frequency, "push pause" if you have too much coffee or will be on vacation, and of course you can cancel at any time. Subscribers also automatically receive 10% off retail price.