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Decaf does not have to suck! We are proud of our great-tasting Decaf coffees, which we roast with just as much craft and care as our regular coffees. Perfect for those who care about quality but can't handle caffeine, or are sensitive to it before bed but want a cup in the evening.

DECAF Mexico Select - Single Origin Coffee

Flavor & Origin Info Flavor notes: Graham cracker sweetness, cocoa, & a touch of fruit notes  Country: Mexico Region: Tapachula, Chiapas Farm: Various smallholder farms Tree varieties: Tipica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mondo Novo, Catuaí Decaffeination method: Mountain water process/MWP Sourcing: Café Imports, Minneapolis MN Decaf does not have to mean 'bad-tasting coffee!' Our importing partner, Café Imports, selects high-grade lots before the decaffeination process...