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  • Handground - Precision Manual Burr Grinder (Plus FREE 5oz bag of RSR coffee)

Handground - Precision Manual Burr Grinder (Plus FREE 5oz bag of RSR coffee)

FREE 5oz bag of RSR coffee included!
Key benefits:
1. Ease of Grinding
2. Precision Grinding
3. Sturdiness

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FREE 5oz bag of RSR whole bean coffee included!

The Roaster Brian-approved Hand Grinder

The Handground coffee grinder started as a Kickstarter project in 2016. Roaster Brian was an early backer of the project and received his from the first production run in early 2017. It has been improved even more since the first batches and this grinder has a huge advantage over other sub-$100 hand grinders on a number of fronts:

1. Ease of Grinding - The crank for this grinder is vertical and side-mounted, making for an easier, smoother hand-cranking experience. The grinder's wide base also has a sticky rubber pad on the bottom that makes it easy to push down on your countertop while cranking. Other small hand grinders often involve a "hold and dance" action while grinding.

2. Precision Grinding - The fineness/coarseness settings for the Handground are easily accessible on the outside of the grinder, with the numbered dial around the middle. If you're brewing for multiple devices (drip coffee, pour-over, espresso, cold brew), it is crucial that you have this level of control. Blade grinders simply don't allow you to control this variable at all, and other lower-cost hand-grinders are not as easy to adjust.

3. Sturdiness - The Handground is big and sturdy. It's a hefty, durable device that's built to last. 

It's true that there are cheaper hand grinders out there (there are also more expensive ones!), but for grinding for 1-2 people at home, the Handground is easily Roaster Brian's #1 recommended grinder.