Dr. Doolittle's Espresso CLASSICO


Dr. Doolittle's Espresso CLASSICO

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Roast level: Heavy medium/Med-Dark

A traditional roast profile for espresso, with smokey chocolate and nutty notes up front, and a sweet cherry undertone.

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About the coffee

A more traditional espresso blend: Chocolatey, nutty, syrupy mouthfeel with a big body and long finish. Using coffees from Brazil & Guatemala.

Who is Dr. Doolittle?!

I developed this blend with a friend from my hometown, Jeff Doolittle, who in addition to being an espresso aficionado is a practicing medical doctor. For his help in developing the line of espresso blends, I offered to name them after him. And, really, who could pass up a product name like "Dr. Doolittle's Espresso"?!