Papua New Guinea - Wahgi Valley


Papua New Guinea - Wahgi Valley

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Roast level: Light-Medium (City+)

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Flavor & Origin Info

  • Flavor notes: Syrupy sweet, raisin/dried fruit, heavy & tart acidity, syrupy & smooth body/mouthfeel
  • Country: Papua New Guinea
  • Region: Waghi Valley, Western Highlands
  • Farm: Various smallholder farms
  • Tree varieties: Arusha, Blue Mountain, San Ramon

Roaster Brian says: "This coffee is delicious as a single origin espresso or pour-over. The sweet and complex aromas are what first grabbed my attention, and those carry through right into the flavors in the cup, on through the finish. At a light-med roast level, the darker fruit notes & sweetness in this coffee offer medium roast drinkers something a bit more adventurous without the shock of intense, bright fruit notes typical in light roasted coffees."

About the Producers

This coffee is processed by a plantation called Kunjin, in the western highlands of the country. Coffee cherries are brought from nearby partner farms, processed, evaluated and sold in larger lots & micro-lots. The farmers tend to be subsistence farmers, growing food for their families, while also growing coffee to earn income. Sourcing partner: Café Imports.