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One Sweet Coffee: Winning Awards, 2 Years Running

One Sweet Coffee: Winning Awards, 2 Years Running

This week we were pleased to discover that we'd again medaled in the annual Golden Bean North America roasters competition, the 2nd year in a row. And both years we've used the same coffee: The Gold Mountain Brix Breaker - A 3-farm micro-lot from our direct relationship sourcing partners in Nicaragua, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers.

"Brix" is a weird word that requires some explanation. The Brix Scale uses refractometers (shown in the video above) to measure sugar content in a liquid.  Gold Mountain staffers use refractometers and Brix measurements during harvest to ensure that all coffees are being picked at peak ripeness. The ripest cherries will exhibit the highest level of sweetness. 

This coffee is called the "Brix Breaker" because of its unusually high sugar content. This is a result of the tree variety used: Pacamara. There are many different varietals under the Coffea Arabica species, that are all considered to be "the good stuff" when it comes to commercially producing coffee plants. The Pacamara variety grows unusually large cherries with naturally high levels of sugar content. Picked at peak ripeness, the whole cherries are then sun-dried on raised beds. This "natural"/"dry" processing method further accentuates fruit notes and sweetness.

And once the coffee reaches us, we employ a light roast profile on it that best showcases the stunning sweetness and flavors you'll experience with this coffee.

So from start to finish, this coffee is treated specifically to maximize sweetness and fruitiness. It truly is a "Brix Breaker," and it's a big reason why we're able to keep winning awards with it. 

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