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Single Origin Coffee

The Howling Monkey - Tequila Barrel-Aged Nicaraguan Coffee

 Howling Monkey at a Glance Tasting notes: Apple, Chocolate, Subtle Oak & Vanilla Roast level: Light-Medium Origin: Nicaragua, Jinotega region Farms: Multiple smallholder farms in the region Tree varieties: Predominantly Caturra Processing method: Washed process Sourcing partner: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers After a few years of a rousing good time with our whiskey barrel-aged Ethiopian coffee, The Stumbling Monkey, we decided to mix it up a bit....

Rise Up, Peace Island - Peace Trade Coffee from DR Congo

New in 2020! We've established a new sourcing relationship with a social enterprise operating in the DR Congo: Mighty Peace Coffee. This coffee comes from a lot named "Kuibuka," which translates as "Rise Up" in Swahili. Combined with the fact that it was grown on "Peace Island," and the coffee practically named itself. Read more on our new partnership with Mighty Peace Coffee! Rise...

Colombia - Huila & Chill - Light-Medium Roast Colombian Coffee

The name of this coffee comes from where it's sourced: The village of El Descanso, or "Rest." Or..."Chill," to be colloquial. And it's from the Huila region, so here we are: "Huila & Chill." You'll be able to do just that with this easy-drinking Colombian coffee. So turn on Netflix, grab a cup of this delicious coffee, and...well. Do what ya...

Ethiopia Guji Gr 1 Natural Process - Light Roast Ethiopian Coffee

"Fruit bomb" is the name of the game with Ethiopian naturals such as this. "Natural process" refers to what happens to coffee cherries after they are picked from trees during harvest. Whole cherries are dried in the sun on raised beds with screened bottoms over a number of days. As the fruit decomposes, sugars are produced, some of which penetrate the seeds at the center...

Gold Mountain Brix Breaker - Award-winning Nicaraguan Direct Trade Coffee

"Its sweetness is undeniable." 9.1/10Pull & Pour - Everything Coffee (Read the full review!) Medalist in the Golden Bean North America Roasters Competition for 2 years running! "Brix" is a scale that measures sugar content of a liquid, using devices called refractometers. The tree variety that produces this coffee grows cherries with very high levels of sugar content, "breaking" the Brix scale with...

Papua New Guinea Kula Peaberry - Direct Trade Light-Medium Roast Coffee

 Kula Peaberry at a glance Benefits: Earthy note adds accessibility for "regular coffee drinkers," while also showcasing bolder, fruitier notes Direct Trade sourcing benefits producers, farm laborers, and their families & communities (see more below) Tasting notes: Sweet aroma, chocolate & raisin/dried fruit notes, earthy, med-heavy body, syrupy mouthfeel Roast color: Light-Medium Country: Papua New Guinea Region: Waghi Valley Farm: Sigri Estate Tree...

Flight of Fancy: Single Origin coffees, Four 5oz bags

For the coffee adventurer: Taste the diversity of fine specialty coffees from around the globe. The Flight of Fancy at a glance Four 5oz bags (totaling 1.25 lbs) of our select Single Origin Coffees Flight usually includes 1 or 2 of our Direct Trade Coffees Coffee selections change regularly (every 1-2 months) Roast color/level tends to be Light to Light-Medium "Single...

DECAF Mexico Select - Single Origin Coffee

Flavor & Origin Info Flavor notes: Graham cracker sweetness, cocoa, & a touch of fruit notes  Country: Mexico Region: Tapachula, Chiapas Farm: Various smallholder farms Tree varieties: Tipica, Bourbon, Caturra, Mondo Novo, Catuaí Decaffeination method: Mountain water process/MWP Sourcing: Café Imports, Minneapolis MN Decaf does not have to mean 'bad-tasting coffee!' Our importing partner, Café Imports, selects high-grade lots before the decaffeination process...

Divine Inspiration - Direct Trade Nicaraguan Light-Medium Roast Coffee

2019-20 crop SOLD OUT! (Expected restock date: Sept. 2020) Divine Inspiration is a coffee produced by a community of coffee growers in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. We have sourced coffee for Divine Inspiration from producers in Matagalpa & Jinotega since our founding in 2015, and have made multiple visits to partner-farmer families to see firsthand the level of care they put into...

What customers say about our Single Origin Coffee

I'm a 42 year veteran of office coffee and in the past, coffee was something to give me a kick in the morning after I got to work and was NOT a regular staple at our house. Then I found RSR coffee and tried Nicaragua Divine Inspiration. I had no idea coffee could actually taste this good - It's sweet, it's fruity, it doesn't make your tongue numb. It's like having dessert with breakfast!
--Doug G. - Monroe, IA


PNG Kula Peaberry is the best coffee I've ever had! I highly recommend this one if you're looking for an easy sipping, creamy, chocolatey taste.
--Megan S. - Gurnee, IL


The Stumbling Monkey is my favorite coffee from RSR. The flavor, the robustness, the smoothness, it just tastes so good! It's good in a cold brew (personal favorite) or hot. If you get any coffee, Get this one. It's sooooo good.
--Devin G. - Cedar Rapids, IA


About Single Origin Coffee

Our Single Origin Coffees are products that hail from a single place. The level of specificity for that place can vary, but at the very least these coffees are from a single country. Often they are from individual growing regions, growing communities within a region, or sometimes even all the way down to a single farm!

Single Origin Coffees allow you to experience the vast complexity of flavors contained within the world of high-grade Specialty Coffee. The factors that impact the flavor of a coffee before they even appear at the doorstep of our roasting facility is mind-boggling. Tree types, elevation of the farms, soil types & conditions, climate zone, shade-grown trees vs. full-sun grown, the weather in any particular growing/harvest season, farming practices during growing season, picking practices during harvest season, processing and sorting methods after harvest, and on and on and on. With all this complexity, and all the many different places coffee is grown in tropical climates around the world, you quickly start to see that the “Flavor Journey” when it comes to Specialty Coffee isn’t about the destination, but about the journey itself. Recent scientific research on coffee even indicates that the total possible flavors and combinations of flavors present in coffee far outweigh that of wine!

Here at Ross Street Roasting Co., we actually started out as a “single origin only” business, so Roaster Brian’s heart is deeply invested in the flavor journey of honing his roasting techniques on the new and different Single Origin Coffees that we regularly rotate in and out. But through our 2 Direct Trade partners, we also offer permanent/year-round options like our Nicaragua Divine Inspiration and Papua New Guinea Kula Peaberry coffees. So whether you want to “taste the rainbow” with the rotating list of limited release Single Origins, or develop a new favorite with our two year-round options, you won’t be found lacking for options in this product segment.

In 2018, one of our Direct Trade, Single Origin Coffees won two medals in the national Golden Bean North American roasters competition. A Pacamara Natural Process micro-lot (very limited quantity) produced by 3 farmers in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua, we tasted this coffee on the table while visiting Nicaragua right after harvest and knew we needed to have 1 sack of it (about 150 lbs). It was an extravagant purchase for an extravagant coffee, but it paid off in the end as we were able to win judges and customers over with the exceptional growing, harvesting, and processing of this “extra special” coffee. We intend to make additional purchases and high-end products like that available in the future, so keep an eye out!