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  • Bohemian Gothic - Dark Roast Coffee Blend
  • Bohemian Gothic - Dark Roast Coffee Blend
  • Bohemian Gothic - Dark Roast Coffee Blend

Bohemian Gothic - Dark Roast Coffee Blend

Smokey and smooth, without being bitter or ashy. Also makes a great cold brew! Now with 100% Direct Trade components!

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Dark roast lovers, rejoice: Bohemian Gothic gives you the smokiness and "bold flavor" you love, without the acrid bitterness that is all too common in dark roasts. You'll have a smooth, smokey experience. Bohemian Gothic is a blend of Direct Trade coffees from Nicaragua & Papua New Guinea (see more below).

The name "Bohemian Gothic" is a nod to the Czech immigrant heritage in this part of Iowa, which was also the home region to renowned American painter, Grant Wood, whose painting "American Gothic" is a cultural Icon known the world over.

Bohemian Gothic at a glance

  • Benefits: Smokey without being bitter, 100% Relationship Coffee sourcing (see below)
  • Flavor notes: Smokey, Chocolatey, Medium body
  • 100% Relationship Coffee components
    • 50% Papua New Guinea coffee from the Sigri Estate in the Waghi Valley region, farm of our Relationship Coffee partner, Benchmark Coffee Traders
    • 50% Brazil coffee from the Seibt Family Farm, Cerrado Mineiro region, Minas Gerais state, SE Brazil
    • Relationship Coffees are close sourcing partnerships with coffee producers, helping ensure high-quality coffee and equitable pay for coffee laborers (See all Relationship Coffees)

Bohemian Gothic is also our standard roast for cold brew, used in-shop at our roastery and also by Brewhemia in our cold brew collaboration, available at Brewhemia and New Pioneer Food Co-Op in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


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