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Check out Farmer Derek milking a cow for his Moolatte

Check out Farmer Derek milking a cow for his Moolatte

Last time we checked in with our pal Farmer Derek was after our trip to Nicaragua in January. Over the summer, he fell in love with making cold brew coffee at home (he must have read our guide) and he apparently got it into his head that he needed to get the freshest milk possible for his cold brew.

Because he went and milked a cow directly into his cold brew. LOL - Check it out:


He also invents new words for coffee drinks

Farmer Derek has a very creative mind, as you can see. He's also good at making up words. Like he calls cold brew coffee, "fresso" (refrigerator+espresso). Of course cold brew coffee and espresso are completely different brewing methods and produce dramatically different tasting coffee, but that's not gonna stop Farmer Derek, nooooo! 

And then comes the "moolatte" (my favorite made-up term). In the video he demonstrates the recipe:

Fresso + Milk directly from a cow's udder = MOOLATTE

Here in Iowa, I'm gonna have to look around for a few nearby dairies (like Hansen's or Country View) to see if I can't mix myself up a delicious Moolatte. :) 

As Derek says at the end of the video, we're running a FREE Shipping deal on our 2QT Cold Brew Maker + 2LB Bohemian Gothic bundle, using the promo guessed it: MOOLATTE

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