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RSR brings Mighty Peace Coffee from the DR Congo to Iowa

Last month we quietly introduced a new permanent, year-round offering in our Single Origin Coffee category: "Rise Up, Peace Island" from the DR Congo - A light-medium roast with apple & citrus fruit notes, sweet, and a heavy body.

But what we haven't done yet is talk more about the exciting new supplier relationship with Mighty Peace Coffee

Mighty Peace Coffee is a fully integrated social impact coffee company that provides coffee lovers and ethical businesses with the highest quality coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Mighty Peace Coffee shares stories of Congolese farmers to inspire human connection, breaking the cycle of poverty and conflict through economic transformation and advocacy. They like to call this style of business, "Peace Trade Coffee."

Pillars of the Peace Trade

  1. Environmental sustainability and organic certification
  2. Highest labor standards, fair trade, and fair trade-equivalent certifications
  3. Partnerships with credible organizations working to create an economic transformation in conflict coffee-growing regions


Each new arrival from Mighty Peace Coffee supports 600 jobs. The coffee business is enabling multiple stakeholders to earn a better living, build cement houses, enroll their children in school and provide healthcare for their families.

A Farmer’s Story

Photo of Mrs. Katambara Pendeza ApolineMrs. Katambara Pendeza Apoline is a dignified farmer who grows coffee for Mighty Peace Coffee. As a result of our work together, she is able to send her children to school to study and she has been able to build a strong stable house for her and her family to live. She is part of a strong vibrant community of farmers whose collective action provides economic and financial stability for a better life for her, her family and community.

Get Peace Trade Coffee now!

Rise Up, Peace Island product photo
Rise Up, Peace Island - Apple & Citrus, Heavy Body, Sweet

Existing Presence

Ross Street Roasting is the first Iowa based roaster to offer Mighty Peace Coffee. In addition to Iowa, Mighty Peace Coffee is currently available from roasters in Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.