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Ah yes, the email newsletter decision...

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Trust us, we know: Signing up for another email newsletter is not high on people's lists of life goals. So we're going to make it worthwhile.

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So if you trust us to make it worthwhile for you, it's pretty easy to get started.



FREE e-course: Becoming a Home Coffee Pro

In this 5-day, email-based course, upgrade your coffee knowledge in these five areas:

  1. Specialty Coffee: What Makes it so Special?
  2. Coffee's Origins: "Mommy, Where does coffee come from?"
  3. Gourmet Coffee Blends vs. Single Origin Coffees
  4. Roasting Styles & Profiles
  5. Brewing Coffee At Home 

And if you read really closely, you might even find a way to save a bunch on your next coffee purchase.