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Being a small business in rural America is tough, so we're proud to highlight our fellow local small business colleagues that, like us, do online retail sales. These are folks I know personally as well as professionally, and they work hard to make our local economy and community a more vibrant and interesting place. Give em a look!
--Roaster Brian


Hardon's Outdoor - Tama, Iowa

Hardon's Outdoor - Tama, Iowa

Licensed resellers of Traeger wood-pellet grills, these folks are singlehandedly responsible for the amazing smell of smoking meats becoming commonplace around town. Owners Danielle & Marty Hardon call Tama-Toledo their hometown, having been born and raised here, going off to college, getting professional jobs in their respective fields, before deciding to move back home. Marty has also taken over his parents' local contractor business which has been a pillar in the community for over 50 years. 

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    Rube's Steaks & Steakhouse - Montour, Iowa

    Rube's Steaks & Steakhouse - Montour & Waukee, Iowa

    Rube's began in the 1970's as one of the country's first "grill-your-own" steakhouses in the small town of Montour, Iowa, just east of where we're located in Tama. They are famous for their generously-portioned, locally raised grass fed, corn-finished premium steaks, and the experience of cooking them over large, open-hearth grills. Local owners Michele and Matt Anderson opened a second location in Des Moines in the 90's, and also began shipping their legendary steaks to fans' all over the U.S. They also offer curbside pickup and holiday gift packages for steak lovers everywhere.

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    Check out their steakhouses in Montour & Waukee, Iowa!

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