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Is bad water ruining your coffee? Here's how to fix it

Is bad water ruining your coffee? Here's how to fix it

As coffee lovers, we're all on a journey. And with each turn in the road, we have the opportunity to learn something new about this wonderful beverage. I clearly remember the day I started thinking about the water I was using to brew coffee at home. I think like most people, it just hadn't ever occurred to me as something worth thinking about. But let me jump ahead and say: It is important. Very important.

That magical cup of brown go-juice we drink is about 98% water, which means only about 2% is actual "coffee." What's in that 2% is most certainly important; heck, our entire business model is staked on that 2%.

But then again: 98% is water. So it stands to reason that the quality of that 98% is important.

I was a Third Wave Water skeptic

A few years ago, coffee twitter started chattering about this new product called "Third Wave Water," a mineral compound that added to a jug of distilled or reverse osmosis-filtered water that claimed to make your coffee taste much better. My initial thought was: "Gimme a break."

But then I heard the founders interviewed on a coffee podcast and I quickly realized that my skepticism was misplaced. These guys knew what they were doing, had developed it and tested it in a real-world cafe, and were "nerdy coffee types" like me. I had to try it, and when I did: I immediately signed up as a reseller.

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Third Wave Water is drop-dead simple: Add a stick of it to a jug of distilled or RO water. Use that water to make coffee. You've instantly and economically solved the problems that often come with using unfiltered, untreated municipal water for brewing coffee at home. 

Your coffee will taste better, and you'll be happier with your morning cup. Bad water solved. You're welcome.

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