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80-Acre Espresso

80-Acre Espresso

Our 80-Acre Espresso lineup is designed for both home use and the high-volume café espresso machine.


About 80-Acre Espresso

Flavor & Roast Profiles
The Front 40 - Fruit-forward, tangy, sweet, nutty, medium body; light-medium roast

The Back 40 - Chocolate, subtle smokiness, cherry, heavy body, thick crema; medium-dark roast

We're a Specialty Coffee roaster proudly located in rural Iowa. The soil that Iowa has been privileged to inherit supports some of the most fertile farmland in the world, and in the mid-20th century - before the advent of "go big" farming - the 80-acre plot was a common size for farms.

Founder & Chief Coffee Nerd, Brian Gumm, grew up in a small Iowa town near his grandparents' 80-acre farm in rural Jasper County, which his parents now live on and maintain. It has been in the family since 1904. The farm is now mostly planted with native prairie grasses and sits on a west and north-facing hill that runs down to a creek at the back of the property, and empties into the South Skunk River.

The rolling hills, creeks, and rivers of Iowa were thoroughly engrained into the fabric of life for rural people over the course of the state's mostly agricultural history. We honor that heritage and our current locale in rural Iowa with the name of 80-Acre Espresso.

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