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Relationship Coffee

Roger & Isabel's Fruity Symphony - Single Farm Nicaraguan Light Roast

This delightful single-farm coffee is referred to as "tutty fruity" by the matriarch of the farm's owners, Dońa Isabel. Here's why... About Roger & Isabel's Fruit Symphony Tasting notes: Pineapple, mango, guava, & honey Origin: Nicaragua, Matagalpa region Farm: Don Roger & Dońa Isabel Elevation: 1330 masl (~4,360 ft) Tree varieties: Caturra, Bourbon, Pache, Javanica, Geisha Processing method: Natural / Dry Harvest Season:...

Divine Inspiration - Nicaraguan Light-Medium Roast Relationship Coffee

2020-21 Crop Now Available! Divine Inspiration is a coffee produced by a community of coffee growers in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. We have sourced coffee for Divine Inspiration from producers in Matagalpa & Jinotega since our founding in 2015, and have made multiple visits to partner-farmer families to see firsthand the level of care they put into growing this delicious coffee. On our...

Sweet Honey Ross - Single Farm Direct Relationship Light Roast Nicaraguan Coffee

"Mango, Apple, Sweet & Smooth" Ross is the name of the frog mascot in our logo, and the original photo that inspired that artwork was taken on the very farm that this coffee hails from: Finca Idealista! So we wanted to honor that storied lineage with a sweet coffee from that farm, and to celebrate the multi-year relationship we have with our longest direct...

Kula Peaberry - Papua New Guinea Light-Medium Roast Relationship Coffee

 Kula Peaberry at a glance Benefits: Earthy note adds accessibility for "regular coffee drinkers," while also showcasing bolder, fruitier notes Direct Trade sourcing benefits producers, farm laborers, and their families & communities (see more below) Tasting notes: Sweet aroma, chocolate & raisin/dried fruit notes, earthy, med-heavy body, syrupy mouthfeel Roast color: Light-Medium Country: Papua New Guinea Region: Waghi Valley Farm: Sigri Estate Tree...

Family Tradition - Brazilian Coffee, Seibt Family Farm, Cerrado Mineiro Region

NOTE: 2020 stock sold out 2021 arriving soon!(Last updated: Sept. 20, 2021) About Seibt Family Farm's Coffee Roast level: Medium-Dark Origin: Seibt Family Farm, Cerrado Mineiro Region, Brazil Elevation: 900 masl / 3000 ft Sourcing partner: Gaúcha Specialty Coffee, West Des Moines, Iowa Caroline Seibt grew up a second-generation farmer in Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. Her father, Rogério, started In...

What customers say about our Relationship Coffee

I'm a 42 year veteran of office coffee and in the past, coffee was something to give me a kick in the morning after I got to work and was NOT a regular staple at our house. Then I found RSR coffee and tried Nicaragua Divine Inspiration. I had no idea coffee could actually taste this good - It's sweet, it's fruity, it doesn't make your tongue numb. It's like having dessert with breakfast!
--Doug G. - Monroe, IA
PNG Kula Peaberry is the best coffee I've ever had! I highly recommend this one if you're looking for an easy-sipping, creamy, chocolatey taste.
--Megan S. - Gurnee, IL


About Relationship Coffee

We are proud to maintain close working relationships with multiple producer-partners, what we call "Relationship Coffee." It can take a few different forms but it basically means that coffee roasters and their customers have a more direct connection to the growers and processors of coffees we buy. The coffees we offer from Brazil, Nicaragua, and Papua New Guinea come from Gaucha Specialty Coffee, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, & Benchmark Coffee Traders, respectively. They import their own coffees to the US and sell them direct to roasters like us. These companies either own coffee farms and/or processing facilities in the growing countries and do the work of exporting those coffees from origin and importing them to the United States.

Our Relationship Coffee purchases are showcased above and in our Single Origin Coffees category, and a high percentage of coffees used in our Gourmet Coffee Blends also come through our Relationship Coffee partners. 

The benefits of Relationship Coffee extend to the consumer through a higher level of food traceability, giving you greater knowledge about where your coffee comes from. The benefits of Relationship Coffee also extend back to the producers, farm laborers, and their families & communities - because high-scoring Specialty Coffee fetches higher prices than lower-grade commodity coffees, and with fewer stakeholders in the supply chain more of those higher premiums make it back to people who need it the most. 

Gold Mountain and Benchmark are both “social enterprises,” meaning that they are businesses with a strong social mission to improve the lives of the people and land that produce these fine coffees - through social projects and improving the sustainable agriculture practices used in their operations. So your money is put to good use when supporting our Relationship Coffee partners. At Ross Street Roasting Co., we’ve also been able to go above and beyond by coordinating targeted fundraising projects that do additional good in the communities that produce coffees in this category.

We have been fortunate to visit our partners in Nicaragua - Gold Mountain Coffee Growers - during and after coffee harvest. Check out this video from our friend and RSR co-owner, Farmer Derek!

This has allowed us to not only see with our own eyes the level of care they put into their farming, harvesting, and processing practices - but it’s also given us the opportunity to taste incoming lots before most other roasters do, and identify exceptional coffees that we want to bring in months down the road. This worked out well for us in 2018 when we tasted a Pacamara Natural Process micro-lot from the three farms in the Jinotega region in early March, put our name on one sack (about 150 lbs), received it in the US in July, and entered it into the national Golden Bean North America roasters competition in September, where we won two medals in the categories of Single Origin Espresso and Single Origin Pour Over with that coffee we’d tasted back in March.