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Cedral Sunset - Light-Medium Roast Honduran Coffee

Ross Street Roasting

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About Cedral Sunset

    • Tasting notes: Cacao, Grapefruit, Toffee
    • Roast level: Light-Medium
    • Origin: Corpus, Corpán, Honduras
    • Farm: Finca El Cedral
    • Elevation: 1,450 - 1700 masl
    • Varietal: Catuaí, Caturra, Catimor
    • Processing method: Washed
    • Harvest Season: January - March
    • Sourcing: Cima Café

    Exclusively Yours

    Cedral Sunset is a limited-time treasure and a unique addition to our collection of single-origin coffees. Handcrafted by Erik García at Finca El Cedral and with our partners at Cima Café, each sip highlights a journey of dedication and excellence. Available for a limited time, enjoy the essence of Honduran coffee culture and discover its exceptional taste.

    About The Farm: Finca El Cedral

    Finca El Cedral is the labor of love from Erik García and his brother Jonny. Growing up together, the García brothers developed a deep connection with their land, which instilled them with a passion for cultivating exceptional coffee.

    At Finca El Cedral, Erik oversees the production and harvesting, while Jonny meticulously tends to the drying and storing processes. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every step of the coffee-making journey, from carefully selecting coffee cherries at peak ripeness to the eco-friendly de-pulping techniques used on the farm.

    Driven by a desire to enhance their community's environmental and economic health, Erik and Jonny have embarked on a regeneration process at Finca El Cedral. Fruit, wood, and shade trees are being added to improve the ecosystem, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

    Through their dedication and innovation, the García brothers have transformed Finca El Cedral into a beacon of quality and sustainability in the Honduran coffee landscape. Join us in celebrating the García brothers’ remarkable journey. From mountaintops to your cup, this coffee tells the tale of passion, purpose, and perfection.
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