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3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Stop Buying Crappy Coffee

3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Stop Buying Crappy Coffee

Bad Cofee FaceIn terms of quality, "free office coffee" is generally one step above the dreaded "church coffee." You know the drill: It's expected, it's there, people drink it for the caffeine, but nobody particularly likes it and often times people openly complain about it. Trust me, I get it: I spent a decade working in Corporate IT and the coffee was always terrible. I've also spent my fair share of time in churches, and the coffee there generally tastes like dirty mop water. In both cases, I've learned to Just Say No.

Though I left the corporate world behind, I still have sympathy to those who dwell in cubicles or in the newer open format co-working spaces, and I don't want y'all to suffer needlessly.

So here are Roaster Brian's 3 Reasons Your Company Needs To Stop Buying Crappy Coffee...

1. Crappy Coffee Tastes Like Crap

Obviously, right? Office coffee is usually free to employees because there are huge corporate coffee supply companies out there that specialize in providing the cheapest possible coffee (which correlates to the worst possible tasting coffee) and cheap machines to make a cheap cup of coffee that your company doesn't charge you for. But you do get charged the Crap Tax, because the flavor of cheap coffee is objectively Not Good and your taste buds aren't stupid.

In contrast: Our coffee is Awesome. It's fresh-roasted and delivered directly to your office, and it tastes great. Advantage: Us.

2. Crappy Coffee Does Not Improve Anyone's Lives

Coffee is consumed the whole world over, but is only grown in countries with high elevations between the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn. Commercial or commodity grade coffees are the cheapest and least good-tasting coffees, and those are what go into crappy office coffee. Those coffees also do the least bit of good for coffee growing families and communities, who are very often poor and are subject to global commodity market fluctuations far out of their control. Sometimes the prices they can get for their crop fall below their cost of production, which can literally be the difference between eating and not eating.

In contrast: We buy high-grade Specialty Coffee, where producers get far more money for high quality grades than cheap commodity grades. We also specialize in Direct Relationship coffees, which means even more money goes to producers, farmers, and their families and communities. Advantage: Us.

So if your company is one that prides itself on having a social conscience in addition to wanting to make money, you owe it to yourself to evaluate how your office coffee program lines up with your noble social values. We can deliver quality with a conscience. Huge corporate coffee suppliers can't.

3. Crappy Coffee Does Not "Add Value" To Your Employees' Work Experience

Sure caffeine is the most popular legal stimulant drug in the country, and your company benefits from getting you all jacked up on caffeine and being productive for the lowest cost possible to them. But crappy coffee is not a "benefit" to you in the Quality of Work Life category.

In contrast: Enjoying fresh, high-quality coffee at work brings you more than just a dirt-flavored caffeine jolt in the morning. Different roasts, different origins, access to the stories of where the coffees came from - those are not something you'll get from massive coffee supply companies that peddle terrible coffee. Advantage: Us.


Have your corporate coffee purchaser Contact Us today, to take your coffee game from YUCK to YUM. We can talk about any and all of the following:

  • Corporate Discounts - For offices big & small, we offer volume discounts for our corporate customers
  • Fresh-roasted, Specialty Coffee (Our bread & butter) - In bulk bags or pre-portioned packs for commercial brewers
  • Cold Brew Coffee &  Kegerators - Depending on your location, we brew & self-distribute delicious cold brew coffee directly to your office
  • Equipment - Good Coffee deserves good equipment. Either directly through us, or through our equipment sales & service partners 
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