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Roaster Brian's Curated Coffee Playlist (Subscription)

If you love adventure, this is the subscription for you! Roaster Brian will select a different Single Origin or Blended coffee each month and deliver it straight to your door. Benefits of Roaster Brian's Curated Coffee Playlist New Single Origin coffees every month from a rotating cast of the world's coffee producing countries 10% OFF retail price just for signing up Roast profiles of Light to Light-Medium to...

Jack's Feed Store - Medium Roast Coffee Blend

If the words "fruity" or "smoky" make you nervous when reading coffee tasting notes, and you just want "a real cup of coffee" with good, solid flavor - Jack's Feed Store is for you. Or maybe you're taking coffee to a family gathering and need to satisfy the greatest number of coffee drinkers' tastes. Jack's is your crowd-pleaser coffee, no question. Jack's Feed Store...

Bohemian Gothic - Dark Roast Coffee Blend

Dark roast lovers, rejoice: Bohemian Gothic gives you the smokiness and "bold flavor" you love, without the acrid bitterness that is all too common in dark roasts. You'll have a smooth, smokey experience. Bohemian Gothic is a blend of Direct Trade coffees from Nicaragua & Papua New Guinea (see more below). The name "Bohemian Gothic" is a nod to the Czech immigrant heritage...

Kula Peaberry - Papua New Guinea Light-Medium Roast Relationship Coffee

 Kula Peaberry at a glance Benefits: Earthy note adds accessibility for "regular coffee drinkers," while also showcasing bolder, fruitier notes Direct Trade sourcing benefits producers, farm laborers, and their families & communities (see more below) Tasting notes: Sweet aroma, chocolate & raisin/dried fruit notes, earthy, med-heavy body, syrupy mouthfeel Roast color: Light-Medium Country: Papua New Guinea Region: Waghi Valley Farm: Sigri Estate Tree...

Divine Inspiration - Nicaraguan Light-Medium Roast Relationship Coffee

Divine Inspiration is a coffee produced by a community of coffee growers in the Jinotega region of Nicaragua. We have sourced coffee for Divine Inspiration from producers in Matagalpa & Jinotega since our founding in 2015, and have made multiple visits to partner-farmer families to see firsthand the level of care they put into growing this delicious coffee. On our January 2019 origin...

Meow That's What I Call Light Roast! - RAYGUN collaboration, Light Roast Coffee Blend

A new generation of coffee roasters and coffee lovers are discovering the wide diversity of flavors possible in coffees roasted on the lighter end of the roast color spectrum. Fruit notes emerge that can be tart, sweet, or somewhere in between. Light roasts can exhibit light body up to medium or even heavy bodies, depending on the bean itself and the roaster. And...

The Stumbling Monkey - Whiskey Barrel-Aged Ethiopian Coffee

Spirit & Barrel: Henry McKenna Kentucky Bourbon - Heaven Hill Distillery, Bardstown, KY; American oak barrel Beer aged after the spirit, prior to coffee: Big Boi Vanilla Party (Imperial Stout), Gezellig Brewing Co., Newton, Iowa Unroasted coffee beans are aged 4-8 weeks prior to roasting Coffee Info Tasting notes: Vanilla, chocolate, boozy notes balanced with toffee, cocoa, a sweet and a smooth mouthfeel Origin:...

Flight of Fancy: Single Origin coffees, Four 5oz bags

For the coffee adventurer: Taste the diversity of fine specialty coffees from around the globe. The Flight of Fancy at a glance Four 5oz bags (totaling 1.25 lbs) of our select Single Origin Coffees Flight usually includes 1 or 2 of our Relationship Coffees Coffee selections change regularly (every 1-2 months) Roast color/level tends to be Light to Light-Medium "Single Origin" always...

Oil Derek - Farmer Derek's Extra Dark Roast Coffee Blend

An oily dark roast for cowpokes. Perfect for cowboy coffee by the campfire, or long nights in the tractor during harvest season. About Oil Derek Legend has it that cattle rancher and goofball YouTuber, Farmer Derek Klingenberg, was named after the oil derricks that can be seen across his native south central Kansas. So for our first forray into extra dark...

All The Coffees & Teas! 

Here are all of our fresh-roasted Specialty Coffee and Loose Leaf Tea products on one big page: From our Gourmet Blends, to award-winning Single Origin & Direct Trade coffees, Loose Leaf Teas, to Coffee Subscriptions that are beloved by our customers - We have something that any coffee lover will delight in as much as we delighted in roasting it for you. 

Taste The Rainbow: Single Origin Coffees

If you're always on the hunt for a new flavor from a new origin, our Single Origin Coffees collection is right up your alley. While we do carry two that are available year-round from our Direct Trade partners, we also regularly cycle coffees from within two large growing regions: Central & South America (featured in our Tour de Americas subscription) and East African coffees (featured in our African Coffees subscription). Those cycled regularly usually change every 1-2 months, so you'll consistently get to check out awesome coffees from around the globe! 

Your New Favorite: Gourmet Blends

If you know what you like in terms of roast level (Light, Medium, or Dark) and you tend to lock into what you like all year-round, our Gourmet Blends are for you. These products are permanent, year-round, and consistent in flavor across seasons. The components in these blends come from countries with varying harvest seasons, ensuring the blend you love tastes the same and awesome year after year. 

Never Run Out: Coffee Subscriptions

Our customer-centric Coffee Subscriptions put you in the driver seat of your coffee adventure. We have curated subscriptions based on 2 large regions, a "Coffee Playlist Subscription" curated by Roaster Brian, and our permanent blends and single origins are also subscription-eligible. Whether you're an adventurous coffee drinker or want to stick with what you like, our subscription system has you covered. 

The Other Caffeinated Beverage: Loose Leaf Teas

We proudly carry a fine selection of best-selling loose leaf teas from our local tea vendor and friends: The Tea Cellar in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Complement your awesome coffee purchase with some awesome tea. 

Loyalty Has Benefits: RossRewards

All customers on the website are eligible to join our loyalty program, RossRewards. Just sign up for an account, and you're automatically enrolled. All purchases (including subscriptions!) accrue points that can be redeemed for later purchases. There is a 500 point threshold to redeem points. Provide us your birthday and you'll also get a free 500 points!